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"Suzette has been an incredible support to my son during the hardest of times following his experience with an emotionally abusive father. He went from an angry, emotional and sensitive child to a much confident and assured, strong boy. He has found his voice with the help from Suzette and has found someone he can confide in. He has found all the tools useful to work through his anxiety’s and practices them regularly. I can’t recommend Suzette enough! She has not only helped my son but supported me to continue the good work she has put in and has been amazing to myself and my family. It is so unusual to find someone who specialises in such a specific area like Domestic Abuse and am so grateful to have found her."   Parent

“I am now beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel where previously there was none, I don’t know who I would talk to if I didn’t have you”. Eighteen year old male

“I’m happy my nightmares have stopped. I now know when I am going to get angry and I use the toy you gave me to calm down.“

 Five year old boy

"You've been great thank you so much Suzette. You’re amazing, I appreciate everything you do for us."   Adult survivor

“Thank you so much for helping me with my anxiety, I hardly ever feel anxious now but if I do, I use the coping strategies that you showed me and they really work”. Twelve year old girl

"Thank you so much he came out of session buzzing." Parent of nine year old  boy.

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